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Start Konkursy Imagine a Drone or a Robot for Peace

Imagine a Drone or a Robot for Peace

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International Day of Peace 2018
Launch of our project “Imagine a Drone or a Robot for Peace”

Dear friends,

The Organizing Bureau of the project “ Imagine a drone or a robot for peace “, intended for the 2018 International Day of Peace, has decided to extend the application deadline until 31 May 2018. The deadline for artwork submission (photos or videos) accompanied by a picture of the author(s) and a message of peace remains set as 30 June 2018. We hope we have responded to the legitimate concerns of many of you.

Yours sincerely.

The schedule of deadlines to be respected
15 April – Initial Registration,
30 June – Submission of the photos of the art works,
- Group photos of those who participated in the digital art work,
- Messages about peace.

“Imagine a Drone or a Robot for Peace”
A project to celebrate the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2018,
proposed by a group of NGOs, official partners of UNESCO, and the
NGO/UNESCO Liaison Committee.
To respond to the question:
“Tell me, how we can play about peace?”
Teams from all countries, especially teams of youth, volunteers, will be
contacted by our NGO networks to create art works on the theme of robots
and drones to serve peace.
* A video presentation of all the ditigised works will provide the occasion
to organise an event,
* A round table on the themes of artificial intelligence, robotics, and ethics
will provide food for thought for reflections and discussions,
* A book to mark this contribution to the International Day of Peace 2018
will be published.
For more information,
Contact Michel Thouzeau
Project Coordinator
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or directly to the NGO/UNESCO Liaison Committee
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* The NGOs involved in this project are invited to collect as many registrations as possible of
teams who agree to participate.
*All participants are required to register but their registration is not binding.
* All the works submitted will be verified by the organisers and shared at the final event.
* Local teams are also invited to create a local event on 21 September 2018 parallel to this event.
* The venue for the final event might be a city in Tunisia, with the possibility of changing the
venue to UNESCO headquarters, depending on circumstances.
* In Tunisia, our event will be associated with the 70th anniversary of the “International
Declaration of Human Rights”.
* One or two round tables are under consideration, as well as an event with the participants,
particularly children from Tunisia and more generally North Africa.
A film (including all the created works received) and a book in hard copy are planned so as to
extend the event and to diffuse a wide selection of the works created, the photos of the authors
and the messages of peace.
Dear friends, the success of our project depends on all of you reaching a wide audience of
youth and adults, to create exchanges among the public from all regions of the world, all
nationalities, and all the cultures of peace.
Special remarks: Special parental authorisation is required for the right to use the photos of all
child participants.



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