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Competitions of the International PrintMaking Biennial in Cacak 2018

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III Międzynarodowy Konkurs Plastyczny dla Dzieci i Młodzieży: Stanisław Moniuszko – Wielki Patriota w 200 rocznicę urodzin

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Moniuszko 1


Konkurs na realizacje artystyczne do 16. edycji Przeglądu Sztuki SURVIVAL

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Konkurs transgrafia

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Konkurs 12 IN OUT FESTIVAL 2018 taniec/obraz

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In Out Festival 2018



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The Municipality of Messini in collaboration with the Engraving Museum ''Takis Katsoulidis'' have decided the hosting of the 1st BIENNALE OF EUROPEAN ENGRAVING ART in Greece.The aim of this exhibition is to promote the international cultural exchange with the participation of the talented artists from all over the E.U.We would like you to recommend the four (4) best engravers in your country.

1. All of the works submitted have to be in one of the three methods of engraving techniques: wood engraving, copper engraving(chalcograhy), lithography or a combination of them.

2. The works have to be original engraving prints of the last three years (2015-2018).

3. Each artist must send one print signed below on the right or at the back.The size of the print should not be over 1 square meter (100x100cm) or less than (40x40cm).

4. The print should be sent by post or courier to the Engraving Museum ''Takis Katsoulidis'' Karatza 15 Messini, Greece P.C. 24200  tel/fax  2722024212. The e-mail of the Museum is  Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.  and the site is . The print should be sent inside a cardboard tube.

5. A cd should be sent with a photo of the print along with a CV of the artist, up to 300 words in the English language.An illustrated catalogue of the works and the artists' CVs will be printed and sent by post to all participants. In the information should be written the title and the technique of the print.

6. The prints will be framed with glass in order to be exhibited in the Museum ''Takis Katsoulidis''.The expences for the exhibition are covered by the organizers.

7. The Exhibition is to open at the beginning of June,2018 and it will last for three months.We will inform the artists of the exact date.


The prints will be insured from the date of delivery up to the day they will be sent back to the artists in the same package.

 Three prizes and six distinctions will be awarded.

The firs prize is 3.000 Euros

The second prize is 2.000 Euros

The third prize is 1.000 Euros

The six distinctions are without a money prize. The awarded artists of the three prizes and six distinctions will be hosted, for the night of the opening, in a hotel in the town of Messini.

The final choice and awarding of the prizes and distinctions will be made by an International Committee and it will be announced in the site of the Museum  ten days before the opening. The prints of the participants should be delivered up to the 15th of March 2018. After this date, no prints will be accepted.


The 8th BIENNALE Greece 2018-2019 Children's Art

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8th BIENNALE 2018


Załącznik 1

Załącznik 2


Konkurs na polski eksponat do Kwatery Głównej NATO

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Konkurs ogłoszenie 07


10 th AMATERAS International Annual Paper Art Exhibition

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The event is the  part of Sofia Paper Art Fest 2018 - Twice Awarded with European Label 2015-2016  and 2017 - 2018 for Innovations from Brussels Commission.
The Congress of IAPMA will be hosted in Sofia by Sofia Paper Art Fest.

The AMATERAS Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria has the pleasure to launch series of international paper art events in the period of the Congress of IAPMA.

After its successful seventh  editions, showing many paper artists from more than 24 countries, AMATERAS Foundation has pleasure to announce this year’s
exhibition/competition for paper art in 2D and 3D, created by artists from all over the world without restrictions of techniques, styles or materials. 
This exhibition is for small paper works and will be held from 9 of May – 22 May, 2018 at One Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
An international jury of selection will award prizes.

Prizes and Awards:

·Grand Prix AMATERAS- 500 Euro & Certificate
·Award for INNOVATION-  200 Euro & Certificate
·Award for YOUNG ARTIST- 200 Euro & Certificate
·Award for Bulgarian artist- Exhibition and Certificate
·One Special Certificates for versatility of all 3 entries winner
·Three Certificates for Honorable Mention (good/high performance)


deadline for applications: 1 of March 2018



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